Maretti Porcelain Tiles - "Art Doesn't Go Unnoticed, Even if You're Walking On It."

A few years ago, I had the privilege of working with Maretti Tile, a  small porcelain tile company in Florida. Working with my team, Genesis  Advertising, I developed a full campaign for them to expand their  presence into the local market. After conducting market research, we  found that with the economy as it was, and in many ways still is, in  2009, the remodeling sector was quickly growing. We built a campaign  targeted towards that sector, with an emphasis on "refinement and  affordability."

Print Advertisements

Michelangelo Ad - Who Did the Floors - Final Design (Ceiling)

Mona Lisa Ad - No Copy With Slogan copy

Mona Lisa Ad No Board Squared Off copy

Mona Lisa Ad No Board copy

Web Banner Advertisements

Banner Ad - Frame 1

Banner Ad - Frame 2

Banner Ad - Frame 3

Banner Ad - Frame 4

Banner Ad Alternate - Frame 1

Banner Ad Alternate - Frame 2

Banner Ad Frame 3 - Alternate 2

Banner Ad Alternate - Frame 4

Nissan Cube - "SHIFT_entourage"

Before the car was launched, or even announced, Nissan came to us for  ideas on how to present the Cube to the 18-35 year old demographic they  were aiming to capture. My team created for them a mock-up campaign to  show them the best ways to reach their target market: social media or  "word-of-mouth in the digital age." Using their idea of the car as a  "mobile device," in the vein of cell phones and the connectivity they  provide, we utilized our knowledge of social media and came up with some outdoor, print and TV spots and even designed a social Web site  dedicated to their new vehicle.

Outdoor Advertisements

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Print AD Pic Window With Pair of Glasses FINAL 1

Print AD Pic Window Without glasses FINAL 2

New Outdoor Ad Illusion 1

And here is the pre-visualized version of what the outdoor ad would like all lined, in coherence with the "Think Inside the Cube" tagline.

Storyboards for TV Spots

01 - On The Street

02 - On the Street

03 - Opening Door

04 - Open Door In Street

05 - Driving Away

06 - Shift Entourage with Web Site

a01 - On The Street

a02 - On the Street - Fans

a03 - On the Street-Fans

a04 - Open Door In Street- Fans

a05 - Driving Away - Fans

a06 - Shift Entourage with Web Site

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